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Like any vehicle, there's a hard way and an easier way to get a job done and here at KLR we've picked up some specialised knowledge and learnt a few tricks over the years and we'd like to share some of those gems with you here, to help make your experience with your Land Rover & Perentie even better.

And don't forget to check out our DIY page as well, where you'll find a growing list of info sheets (with photos) and videos showing some useful hands-on DIYs.

Fuel System

When you take delivery of your Perentie the first thing you need to do is clean the fuel system.

  • Strip the sedimentor and clean it.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Remove and clean the tiny strainer on the inlet side of the lift pump – this is the most important bit.
  • Finally bleed the fuel system and you’ll be right to go.

Clutch Rattle

We have a number of people wanting to replace their clutch to eliminate the clutch rattle.
The good news is most of the time this noise is not clutch rattle.
The noise you get with the gearbox in neutral and the clutch out with the engine idling is simply primary pinion rattle in the gearbox.
The uneven idle (or torque impulses) of the 4BD1 causes the gears to rattle against each other.
It does get worse as the gearbox oil warms up, but it's nothing to worry about and does not need to be fixed.



 recommended-100x100.png  Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder

We have had a large number of failures with clutch slave cylinders. It appears they are corroding and pitting from standing around and eventually leaking into the bell housing.

To check yours, simply remove the wading plug in the bell housing and catch whatever fluid comes out. If it's brake fluid you need a new slave cylinder.

And while you’re at it, we recommend swapping out the clutch master as well, because just like old light bulbs, there’s a very good chance the master will fail not long after the slave does!

                    clutch-master1.jpg                    clutch-slave.jpg



recommended-100x100.png  Oil Filter Spacer for 4BD1T
We have available a number of oil filter spacers for the 4BD1T engines with the twin oil filters.
Why do you need one of these?
If you are fitting an ex-truck 4BD1T engine to a Land Rover or Range Rover chassis, the twin oil filters will foul the front propshaft.
The solution is to space the filter housing out towards the chassis.

These are the original JRA part manufactured for the 6×6 Perentie. You will need longer mounting bolts.




  recommended-100x100.png  Gearbox
The LT95 gearbox and transfer case assembly is a strong unit, but can get expensive if a complete overhaul is required.
The Isuzu can be hard on gearboxes, however we have found the R380 and LT230 to be an excellent alternative – five equally spaced ratios without big jumps, smooth change, cheap and easy to overhaul.
The added bonus is they handle the torque of the Isuzu very well.
Conversion is a big job but we can advise you of the details, starting with our modified bell housings and clutch kit to suit.

                    5-speed-gearbox.jpg                    heavy-duty-clutch1.jpg

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