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Some PARTS 'Plus' tips

Here's some useful tips to help you get the most out of your search experience, when looking for parts on our KLR website.



'KLR Recommended' Tick

Here at KLR Automotive we are first and foremost a Land Rover workshop. The parts we are offering here, for the most part, are the same ones we use all day, every day in the workshop. We have done the legwork for you in working out the best brands and best value for money in the parts you buy.   We have seen what works and what doesn’t.

This knowledge and experience is the basis for our 'KLR Recommended Part' tick. The parts with this tick are the ones we have worked out to be the best to use. Sometimes this may be genuine Land Rover or Original Equipment brand; other times it may be a cheaper part that we have found to work just as well.

In some cases our recommendation is based on the ease of replacement – you can get with away with a cheap drive flange cap since there is no labour cost or time involved when the cheap one fails. However you do not want to use a cheap gearbox synchro ring – the cost of replacing a failed cheap one far outweighs the initial saving on the cheaper part. The same applies to a cheap engine rebuild kits – the cost saving on a cheap kit is irrelevant over the expected life of the engine. And having to rebuild an engine twice gets very expensive very quickly.

There are also some parts where the genuine item is of such quality, that a no-name part can be better quality. A good example here is the genuine rear triangle bush – the current genuine part is not worth fitting. We recommend an aftermarket product instead.

It is no coincidence that usually the better part is the more expensive one. This is a fact of life; as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. We do offer some cheaper alternatives for those with a limited budget, however it is unrealistic to expect these cheaper parts to last as well as a more expensive brand. We also believe we are offering quality name-brand parts at very reasonable prices, making it an easier choice to buy quality over price.

Easter Eggs

Some parts have 'Easter Eggs' attached. These are extra bits of information, usually a shortcut or fitting tip for that part, that are available to members of our community who are logged in. When you login, these Easter Eggs are automatically shown in the Description box.

If you are not logged in you will see a message 'For more useful information on this part, please sign in or register'.

'Original Equipment' & Land Rover Part Numbers

The term 'Original Equipment' is bandied about these days to the point of being meaningless. Land Rover do outsource most of their parts production, so it is possible to buy an original equipment part that is not in a Land Rover box (in fact this is quite common) and these are usually the best value. You are getting a genuine part without the genuine price tag. The trick is knowing who the original equipment supplier was. We only claim a part to be OE where we know for sure it is (for example, GKN supply Land Rover propshafts and uni-joints; Valeo provided many of the clutches) but bear in mind we are not privy to the complete Land Rover supply chain.

We use Land Rover part numbers to identify parts, and for many items we have listed old or superseded part numbers as well. Land Rover numbers are used for reference only and do not necessarily indicate a genuine Land Rover part.


In many cases you may not be sure which part to order – brakes in particular can be confusing. If you are not sure send us your VIN and a list of what you are after and we will work it out for you.

Can’t Find What You Need? Our Inventory

Our initial offering of parts is concentrated around Perentie and Defender models. We have also included a section of Service Parts for most other Land Rover models. These service parts include filters and brake components; essentially the most commonly used parts to service your vehicle.

The Parts Finder page has a model list on the left hand side for all Service Parts. The models with complete parts listings are across the top. You can also use the search bar at the top each page – it is a very good search engine. Just type in a name, part number, or even an old or superseded part number.

What we have for sale here is only a part of our inventory, and we have access to many more parts. Adding more parts and expanding our model selection is an ongoing task. If you are after a part that does not appear on this site please Contact Us with your requirements.

For more details please read our Terms and Conditions.