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Welcome to KLR's DIY Page

Here's where you'll find a growing list of practical DIYs to help you tackle some of the basic, but occasionally tricky jobs that you'll need to do from time to time, on your Series, Defender, Range Rover, Disco, Freelander, 110, or Perentie.

It's a little quiet here at the moment, but we are definitely growing this section stay tuned... but if there's something that you'd particularly like to see explained here, then give us a shout in the contact form below and we'll do our best to follow up your request... and of course we'll dedicate the video to you.

The KLR Team.


 brad-removing-steering-wheel1.jpg Remove and replace a Perentie/Defender steering wheel. It's a pretty straightforward job if you know the right method, and KLR usually do this with most Perenties in their workshop. Why?
 pivot-post-00-100x100px.jpg Clutch Pivot Post Modification. Erratic clutch operation?
Your vehicle may be suffering from a very common problem with the LT95 bellhousing... a clutch pivot post that's moving around due to wear!
This KLR article will give you the lowdown on exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it... for good!
brad-lt95-cluster-100x100px.png KLR DIY Overhaul - LT95 Intermediate Cluster jumping out of gear. Is your high range/low range selector jumping out of gear? Brad knows why and walks you through the problem and how to fix it!