KLR Newsletter


The KLR Newsletter


Welcome to our sign-up page.

This is a monthly newsletter only, and we will not harangue you with weekly email spam - that's a promise. The only time we may break that rule is if there's something absolutely worth telling you about that can't wait for another month... but that's it!

So here's some of the things you may receive in our newsletter each month:

  • You'll definitely be the first to hear about any great KLR parts specials and some of them will be big ones.
  • You'll also be the first to know about any new or interesting stock arrivals. - we have some really interesting parts arriving soon.
  • We'll also keep you updated on any Land Rover issues we become aware of. - we sometimes get the lowdown on stuff and we'll share it with you first.
  • There'll be tips from James' toolbox. - James & Andrew have quite a few tips and tricks between them and they're all good.
  • A sneak peak at new DIY's from Brad. - some say he's actually better than Mel and Russell put together (now that's a disturbing picture).


So, we hope you'll enjoy our KLR Newsletter.

The KLR Team.